Since 1955 we at Port Huron Minor Hockey Association have been committed to exposing the game of hockey to the youth in St. Clair County. We have programs for kids of all ages. We offer Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey programs as well as house and

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We expect our coaches to be positive role models who respect the game and who strive to help players learn lessons that will help them to be successful both on the ice and in life. Please complete this survey to assist us in evaluating the Head Coaches and Association. The information collected will be confidential and used by the coach selection committee.

PHMHA is in search of a person to fill the role of Volunteer Coordinator. The main role in this position is to obtain and coordinate volunteers for various PHMHA  events within the community that PHMHA is part of, such as the International Day Parade, Family Night, Halloween Stroll to name a few (approximately less than 10 events per year). This position will report to the PHMHA Board of Directors.  We are looking to fill this position immediately. 

Please email Scott Suisse @ with any questions. 


We expect our coaches to be positive role models who respect the game and who strive to help players learn lessons that will help them to be successful both on the ice and in life. Please complete this survey to assist us in evaluating the coaches in Port Huron Minor Hockey Association. Please fill out a separate evaluation for each Assistant Coach. The information collected will be confidential and used by the coach selection committee.

Port Huron Minor Hockey Association is currently accepting coaching applications for passionate and knowledgeable hockey coaches who have a desire to be part of an association rich in tradition.  PHMHA has coaching opportunities for both head coaches and assistant coaches throughout our programs, as well as at all youth age groups and levels. While we seek significant coaching experience at the advanced levels, we have coaching opportunities for coaches with varied years of experience and even none.  PHMHA will guide applicants through the process of receiving the appropriate USA Hockey Coaching Certification for the level they will be coaching.  Qualified applicant must be certified through USA Hockey’s education program, must complete age specific online coaching modules,  successfully complete a background investigation and have a passion for coaching and mentoring youth athletes. 

The PHMHA Board of Directors comprises up to 9 members who are responsible for managing the affairs of the Association in compliance with MAHA and USA Hockey guidelines. These volunteers make a major commitment of time and energy, working as a team to provide a sound program for youth hockey players. Directors are elected for three year terms by the voting membership present at an annual meeting held in May. Board members whose terms expire may run for reelection. Terms are staggered so there is a continuing core of Directors each year. Persons interested in being considered for election to the Board should fill out this application indicating their interests, skills and qualifications. The election procedure is delineated in the By-laws of the organization which are posted on PHMHA's website and on file with MAHA.

PHMHA board of directors require an energetic hockey parent, committed to the continuous improvement of our hockey association. Board Member duties include attending monthly meetings, working during association events including: registration, tryouts, preskates, jamborees, and district tournaments. Each Board Member is expected to fill one of the following roles as well: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, ice scheduler, fund raising coordinator, equipment manager, level director, ACE coordinator, or others. Some of these roles will be filled by non-board members, but the board members are expected to fill one of these roles at least.  Together, a board full of energetic, dedicated parents will help drive this association to provide the best overall hockey experience possible for our kids.

Through generous donations from past Port Huron Minor Hockey Association families we are fortunate enough to be able to provide financial assistance to families going through a financial hardship.

Applicants are encouraged to participate in the many fundraisers put on by the association to help the financial burden.

At Port Huron Minor Hockey we believe in challenging the kids. We also want to make sure kids are not moving up just to fill a void but are actually playing up because of their abilities. If you'd like your child to play up a level fill out this online form and someone from the board will contact you to attend an evaluation skate for your child.

Use this online forms to submit your official roster request. You can not play in any games until you have a stamped and approved USA Hockey roster. A game is anything that has referees on the ice. A scrimmage is a game.

The MAHA rule reads:

MAHA Rules and ByLaws

Section II Registration and Rostering

B - Before playing any games, a team must have a USA Hockey certified roster (1-T) from the appropriate USA Hockey Associate Registrar. In the Adult Men’s and Women’s Rec divisions, the (1-T) form is required before participating in the District/State playoffs. All rosters and required paper work must be submitted to the appropriate USA Hockey Associate registrar for review and certification 72 hours before your first scheduled game. Any team presenting an incomplete roster (1-T) with incomplete required paperwork for any players, coach or managers will have them removed from the roster by drawing a line through their name. Players, Coaches and managers removed from the roster will not be allowed to participate in any games until the paper work is corrected and resubmitted to the USA Hockey Associate Registrar for review. . Any coach of any team not properly rostered with the USA Hockey and MAHA who allows his/her team to participate in any games(s) are subject to discipline as determined by Section XVI Disciplinary Actions A (4), and/or (5).

Section XVI Disciplinary Actions

A Players, team officials, leagues, or others (except referees)

4 - A coach or manager who upon the findings of the District Council knowingly allowed the participation of an ineligible player or coach in any game shall be subject to a recommended suspension up to one year.

5 - A player or coach upon the findings of the District Council, who knowingly participated in a game as an ineligible player or coach, shall be suspended for not less than thirty (30) days.