Since 1955 we at Port Huron Minor Hockey Association have been committed to exposing the game of hockey to the youth in St. Clair County. We have programs for kids of all ages. We offer Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey programs as well as house and

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The PHMHA Board of Directors has nine members who are responsible for managing the affairs of the association in compliance with MAHA and USA Hockey guidelines. The positions are three-year terms and are staggered so that there is always a core of experienced people on the board. Each year in May, two or three board members will be up for re-election, if they desire to return to the board they may re-run. Once the election is completed, board member positions are appointed. 


Even though there are nine positions, everyone works together to help each other with different tasks. An example of this would be the house convenor is in charge of running the house draft skates. However, all members are requested to attend the skate and assist with jersey sizing, assisting parents with questions, assisting coaching directors with the rating process or any equipment they need ect. As a new board member, you will be assigned a position with more of a minor role to allow for the learning process and learn about other roles of the board.


Throughout the season board members will be requested to attend several association events usually once a month, some of these events are:


  • House Draft Skates - Fall / Spring
  • PHMHA Opening Weekend - Oct
  • Silver Stick Regional - Nov 
  • Silver Stick Weekends - Jan
  • PHMHA Fundraisers - Glow Skate
  • LTS - fitting new skaters with equip
  • Parade - July 


Association events request any amount of time each board member is able to donate. Some events are only an hour and others can be several hours. It is requested that board members donate what time they do have during these events. 


A more detailed explanation of each directors position and general information can be found at the link below


PHMHA Bylaws and Constitution




Current Board of Directors 


Executive Board


    President - Jim McPhee


    Vice President - Eric Beauchamp


    Treasure - Jason Hills


    Secretary - Matt Finnie 


Board Members 


    James Blake - LTS / U6 / U8 Coordinator 


    Bill Joe Pruitt - House Convenor


    Pat Cruickshank - Travel Convenor 


    Chris Nurnberg -  Equipment / Jerseys


    Rob Vargo - Safe Sport / Discipline 


Non Voting members


    Dalton Jay - Coaching Director 


    Ben Pionk - Assistant Coaching Director 


    Shayne Tomlinson - U6 / U8 Head Instructor